Deirdra O'Gorman
Chief Executive Officer at The Fourth Corner Credit Union

"Garnet has been a valued adviser and mentor over a prolonged period of time during the establishment The Fourth Corner Credit Union and in my prior ventures. The Fourth Corner Credit Union is the first and only credit union in the world constructed from the ground up to serve the interests of the legalized cannabis and hemp industries and their supporters. As the CEO of the credit union, I have valued his a unique ability to see opportunities with a 360 degree perspective, while rapidly analyzing the key issues that drive desired outcomes. Garnet’s deep experience in strategic planning has proven to be very useful in crafting negotiation strategies and managing expectations. I trust him to always give a fair and balanced opinion, while always working to transform our entrepreneurial vision into tangible value"

Jennifer Medeiros
Founder & CEO at Makobi Media
Social Media Manager & Brand Ambassador for KIA Motors, Natures Sleep, Carnival Cruises

"Garnet is a versatile startup and small business executive. He brings to the table 20+ years of hard-won practical management experience across all areas of operations- strategy, recruiting, organizational structure, investments, financial management, compensation & incentives. marketing and business development. His strategic insights are always results-driven and grounded in tactical feasibility. But his key strength is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of small teams, and then building sustainable business processes that are based on those insights about a specific group."

Neel Madhvani
Senior Director / GM Staples Industrial

"Garnet is clearly an accomplished venture capitalists and has immense skills at business development. He knows how to raise money and also knows how to make sure his partners profit in each deal. I have finally had the opportunity to work with him, and feel lucky for the experience. I strongly recommend him."

Matt Toner
CEO at Biba Ventures Inc.

"I first encountered Garnet through his work with Stock Objects and was struck by the combination of his business savvy, blunt honesty and unwavering personal drive. When he took over as CEO of UVentures, I saw the move as a natural extension of these attributes. 

My dealings with him in that capacity, however, revealed another dimension to his skill set. Garnet had an uncanny knack for not only spotting market gaps but also seeing the business opportunity they afforded. At the time, my company was interested in licensing a suite of "accessible" technologies, a somewhat unusual proposition at the time. Not only did Garnet "get it" right away, he was able to improve on our strategy in a way that was enviably off-hand. 

While these potential fits were not immediately obvious, Garnet was willing to pursue them to their natural conclusion... even if this meant hopping a plane to have a face-to-face meeting with small university incubators. If you're taking on an unusual challenge or defining a new market, this is the kind of guy you want in your corner"

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"Corporate Matchmakers"- Institutional Investor

Garnet Heraman and Thomas Kane seemed badly out of sync early last year when they launched Venture Vortex, an online meeting place for venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. Soon after, technology stocks went into free fall and the IPO market dried up, bringing many dot-coin dreams to a nightmarish end.

Heraman, who describes himself as a "serial entrepreneur," and Kane, a veteran of the securities and fund management industries, soldiered on with a handful of employees and a recently upgraded Web site that Heraman calls "a generic deal-flow engine." How did they avoid the carnage? They focused on corporate venture investing, a segment of the venture capital market that came into its own during the Internet frenzy and that many observers, including the Venture Vortex founders, expect will survive the current correction (see "Keeping the Faith," page 68). … 

"How to Finance Anything"- Inc. Magazine

S2016-11-09 22.58.56.jpg

Thanks to a team of top-quality advisers, including an accounting firm and an investment-banking boutique with strong ties to new-media-oriented investors, Garnet Heraman managed to avoid the difficulties that can surround the search for capital. Heraman, the chief executive of StockObjects, a New York City-based new-media stock library, and his partner managed to raise $700,000 from private-equity investors within a year of their company's launch, all the while managing to retain close to 90% of its stock.

"This financing marketplace is so full of opportunities for good growing companies that one of the main challenges is not to raise more than you really need," Heraman says. The other challenge? "Since we were able to choose between all this money that was available to us, we needed to enforce one shibboleth: investors had to bring more to the table than just money alone if we were going to let them get involved in our company." Company owners like Heraman expect their investors, lenders, and financial advisers to leverage their funds with high-quality contacts and industry expertise.

The Edward Lowe Foundation

The ability to execute the details of your business requires setting a timetable for making firm decisions. A wrong decision is better than no decision. Even the right decision can be wrong if it’s made too late. Hire good people, make decisions rapidly and move on.
— Garnet Heraman, CEO, Venture Vortex